Versamid Types

Versamid® polyamide curing agents are used for two-component, solvent-borne epoxy applications, such as industrial coatings, paints, floor coatings, electrical encapsulation and adhesives.

Gabriel offers 34 different types of Versamid® including Polyamides, Amidoamines, Modified Amines, and Tertiary Amines. 

The advantages of using Versamids® include achieving low VOCs, faster cure times, higher chemical resistance, and lower reaction temperatures.

But Versamid® (polyamides) are simply one ingredient to improving your product. It’s like baking a cake. Quality sugar (Versamid®) is an essential ingredient but by itself, all you’re left with is a big bowl of sugar. So Versamid® needs to be combined/mixed with other ingredients, in various quantities and combinations, to create usable formulas, or recipes, to produce the best cake possible.

To download our Versamid® Product guide, and get real-world formula samples . . .

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